How much does it cost to register on Dinersville?

Zero. Dinersville does not charge its users anything. You can enjoy all services for free.

Why should I register?

Registration gives You an access to special features such as food ordering, bookmarking favourite restaurants, using special discount coupons, and making personalized requests to restaurants.

What can I do without registration?

You can enjoy discovering new places to eat in, view all the presented meals, deals, and lunches – no information is hidden from You. However, to purchase food through Dinersville registration is necessary.

Why I can’t use these features without registration

Registration is necessary to use use Dinersville, Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Registration is necessary to create Your personalized account without which it is almost impossible to handle these features. Also, it makes it much easier for You to manage everything from one account.

How do I register?

Click on the login button at the top right corner after which a dialogue box will appear. Then click on «Create Profile» and enter Your data.

Can I log in using my social media account?

Yes, you can log in with Facebook and Gmail accounts.

I am worried about the safety of my personal Payment information.

Payment through Dinersville is secured and safe. We do not store any card information - all cards are processed through authorized Payment services.


How do I make an Order?

Choose the desired meal and click on «Buy now». The meal will be automatically added to Your chart. You will see a pop-up notification that the meal is added to cart. After that checkout by proceeding to payment. A successful payment will create an order.

Why can I not purchase from certain restaurants?

A restaurant can sell its meals only after becoming a client of Dinersville. If You cannot purchase a meal from a particular place, it means that partnership is not established yet and You can only view the restaurant’s information. Dinersville closely cooperates with restaurants and does its best to get on board as many restaurants as possible.

Where can I view my order(s)?

Go to Your account – Orders. There you can see both Your active orders and purchase history.


What are Dinersville coupons?

Together with its partners, Dinersville designed a coupon system which allows You to get an additional discount for meals. These coupons can be issued by restaurants and Dinersville’ partner organizations. Depending on the issuer, a coupon can be general or personalized. An example of a coupon is a 10% discount for all the restaurant’s food.

What is coupons’ coverage?

Coupons coverage varies and can be restricted by restaurants. Some coupons can be used only for current deals or during the lunchtime. In the same way, there can be no restriction for coupons’ use. To check a coupon’ coverage, look at the colour of the coupon.

  • Grey – no restrictions
  • Green – a coupon can be used only for restaurant’ deals
  • Orange – a coupon can be used only during restaurant’s lunchtime
  • Coupons are generally restricted by time, so check out their expiration dates as well.

    What is Dinersville general coupon?

    General coupons are issued by restaurants and available for everyone. Every time a restaurant issues a coupon, You automatically receive it and can view from Your account.

    What is Dinersville personalized coupon?

    Personalized coupons are issued by Dinersville partner organizations and available for its members. Dinersville provides an organization with a special code, which can be further used by organization’ members to activate a coupon. Generally, organizations are self-responsible for acknowledging its members about this benefit, but in case, if this information does not reach You, please contact Your organization and request a code.